Today. 19th September 2017.



Well. Here I go…(again).

I’m listening to this:

I got to the above video from a comment I read here:

Género ditadura

Basically, a Portuguese RADICAL – LEFT WING –  political party,  called BE – Bloco de Esquerda, wants the Portuguese parliament to approve a Law, allowing 16 year old children to have a their own say in a SEX-CHANGE !

I would start buy FORCING catarina martins – political party “midget” leader –  to grow a pair of ehhh… ehhh between her political initiatives.

I would then make her marry, jerónimo de sousa, the portuguese communist leader! He’s to old to have a SEX CHANGE, but, I’m sure he would contribute with his pair of legal initiatives.

Anyway… I have given up on listening to the above video.

I have this on now:

Thank-you for reading.

See you soon.


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